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Annual Seed Swap!

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Looking to spice up your garden this year without breaking the bank? Have some extra seed packets lying around? Then the Backyard Growers Annual Seed Swap is for you!

For the meager price of your seed leftovers, you can walk away with a plethora of new seeds beyond your wildest garden dreams! You probably didn't want all 35 of those tomato seeds anyway...swap the rest!

The idea is simple: bins for each type of vegetable will be arranged and labeled. Simply drop your seed offering into the correct bin (labelled seeds please!), then start browsing. If you find some seeds you like, pour as many as you will use into provided envelopes (Don't forget to label them! Your future self will thank you!). 

Also available will be guides and demos for starting your seeds indoors (a must for tomatoes, eggplant and peppers). 

Let us know you're coming by filling this out! 

Need some help starting your seeds? Come to our seed starting workshops! Sign ups for Feb. 2 here and April 3rd here