Last Day to Register Your Middle Schooler for O'Maley Academy!

Today is the last day to register your student for the winter session of O'Maley Academy! Students can join Backyard Growers club and hang out with us in the garden and in the kitchen! Plant, grow, harvest, and cook straight out of the garden. Try new foods and learn how to make some of their favorites. If your child is interested in food culture, health, farming, cooking, school lunch or anything else in the world of food, sign them up for our winter session in January and February!

Also be sure to check out the Environmental Club for those of you with students interested raising public awareness about environmental issues and making real change in Gloucester. This club encourages students to think globally, and act locally. 

Register your student here:


At Backyard Growers in Massachusetts, three generations of FoodCorps are working side by side to grow healthy kids. Anna Swanson, Meg Stratton, and Amy Root have been leading school garden programs in Gloucester since 2013. After their service, Anna was hired as the Community Programs Manager and Meg was hired as the School Programs Manager. Amy now serves as the current FoodCorps Service Member.