You can put fresh food on a local family's table

It’s another chance for us to do things together, and it’s strengthening our family.
— Fernando DeSouza

Dear Friend, 

As Backyard Growers' Community Programs Manager, I'm out in our neighborhoods all the time, helping families learn to grow their own food, rallying seniors to plant veggie crops, and organizing group gardens in parks and housing communities.

I love my job!

One of the best parts is meeting great people like Fernando and his family. With your supportexperiences like theirs are taking place every day, all over our community. Thank you.   

Will you help us continue putting fresh veggies on tables like Fernando's in 2017 by making a year-end gift today? We are so close to meeting our $10,000 goal!  

Every $250 raised is another garden. Another family's table full of fresh, healthy food. 

Thank you so much, 

Anna Swanson
Backyard Growers
Community Programs Manager

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   Fernando and his family by their garden. 

   Fernando and his family by their garden. 


Originally from Brazil, Fernando works as a chef in Gloucester. He and his wife Raquel started a backyard garden after volunteering to translate our program application into Portuguese. As a chef, Fernando loves growing fresh produce and herbs to cook with. He's even grown some veggies from Brazil that you can't find in local stores, so they can cook much loved and missed traditional dishes from home.

All of the DeSouzas are involved in their garden. Kids Ryan and Sarah help to plant and water the crops, and during the growing season, they check on their garden every day, to see what's changed from the day before. More than a great way to provide healthy food for their family, Fernando says
 "It's another chance for us to do things together, and it's strengthening our family."