Check out our cooking workshop recipes!

Missed the Cooking Workshop? Check out the Recipes!

Check out the delicious recipes we tried at the June Cooking Workshop this year!  This workshop's recipes designed by our guest chef Addy Shreffler, local chef turned farmer and long time BYG volunteer.  Thank you Addy!

Wondering how our chefs come up with the recipes? All our recipes have a few things in common: 

  1. They are made with garden fresh ingredients.  It's important to us that our families feel comfortable using the produce that is growing in their gardens throughout the season. That's why we harvest straight from the garden in our workshops and amend our recipes so you can mix and match with things growing in your garden! With our focus on gardens, all our recipes are always vegetarian. 
  2. They are fast and easy.  Remember, our cooking workshops are less than an hour long- so all our recipes have to take less than 30 minutes each and most use several of the same, simple ingredients across all the recipes. 
  3. No fancy equipment and no fancy ingredients necessary. We are all about working with and tasting those fresh veggies, so the most we'll ever use is the stove top and oven.  We also want to keep things simple and fresh, so most of our ingredients are things found in your garden or already in your pantry. 
  4. They taste great.  Our recipes are created by long-time chefs and gardeners who volunteer their time and skills to create yummy veggie-forward recipes for our workshops.  And the feedback from our workshops? A quote from a guardian about her child after the workshop: "He had 2 servings and ate the portion I brought home within an hour of being home! Delicious meal ❤️👏🏻"

You can find all our recipes from all the past workshops on our Resources Page on our website. Or click below for the most recent recipes!

Check out the recipes

Click on the image to read the full recipes and download them for your kitchen

"love the tips on harvesting the things we got from the garden today" - 2018 workshop participant
"salad was the best part! Loved this- great activity for family" - 2018 workshop participant