Tune in to GloucesterCast: Lara Lepionka on our 3-year vision

[Backyard Growers’] purpose is rock solid, but you’re also very mindful of the financial aspects of it. As a businessman, I feel more confident being able to give, knowing where this money is going because there’s a real impact and a real ability to see it into the future. That’s fantastic.
— Joey Ciaramitaro, Good Morning Gloucester

Our Founder and Executive Director Lara Lepionka is featured on the latest episode of GloucesterCast, chatting about our three-year vision for building healthier, more connected and environmentally sustainable communities in Gloucester and beyond from the 4:50 mark.

The vision includes:

  • Launching a new community garden in Gloucester that also acts as a learning urban farm

  • Introducing a Farm to School experience to eighth graders in Gloucester Public Schools

  • Cultivating healthy, inspiring, creative school food environments

  • Sharing BYG’s successful community garden model with other cities and towns in Massachusetts and beyond

  • Empowering school districts across the state to launch their own successful Farm to School programs

Photo credit: Kim Smith, www.goodmorninggloucester.org

Photo credit: Kim Smith, www.goodmorninggloucester.org