Meet Emily Brown, the 2019-2020 FoodCorps Service Member at Backyard Growers

We’re wishing FoodCorps Service Member Emily Brown a warm welcome to Gloucester! Emily has been working with Backyard Growers since the spring of 2019, when she joined our crew as an Urban Agriculture Intern and built many garden beds all over Cape Ann during an incredibly cold and wet spring. We’re thrilled to have her join us for the 2019-2020 academic year as a FoodCorps Service Member serving through Backyard Growers in Gloucester Public Schools, where she’ll be connecting kids to healthy food at school and helping them get the most out of our school garden programs.

Emily is a Massachusetts native who studied sustainable horticulture at Essex Agricultural and Technical High School while working at the Food Project, where she first learned about FoodCorps. After her graduation in 2018 and a year of self-discovery, Emily’s interest in food production on the North Shore guided her to Backyard Growers’ Urban Agriculture Internship. She was ultimately motivated to apply to be a FoodCorps Service Member for the 2019-2020 service year. Emily is looking forward to serving the Gloucester community in a deeper way with FoodCorps. When she’s not working, she enjoys playing guitar, and collecting things from the local woods for her nature-inspired art projects.

Even if it was just planting peas in Dixie cups with my cool elementary school science teacher, as a kid I remember how impactful and empowering it was when I had permission to get my hands dirty and grow something. Through Backyard Growers, Gloucester students have access to so many more experiences than just growing in Dixie cups, and I am so excited that as a FoodCorps Service Member I am able to take on the role of that (hopefully cool) teacher that gets them excited about getting their hands dirty and growing food within their community.

As we say hello to Emily, we must also say goodbye to 2018-2019 FoodCorps Service Member, Abby Johnstone. Abby was based at Backyard Growers and brought creativity, dedication, and smarts to her role. We miss her sunny presence in the office and in the field, but we know she’s out making waves in the world and enjoying her next adventure! Thank you, Abby!

Be sure to say hi to Emily and introduce yourselves when you see her working in the schools or outside in the Backyard Growers’ school gardens. We can’t wait to see the awesome contributions she continues to make to our community in her new role as FoodCorps Service Member!

Click here to learn more about FoodCorps or visit this page to explore Backyard Growers’ work in Gloucester Public Schools. Don’t live in Gloucester and want to bring our school garden programs to your community? Click here to learn how.