Since 2010 Backyard Growers has built over 200 raised bed gardens, serving hundreds of Gloucester residents. We serve 100% of public school students from preschool to 6th grade, providing true seed-to-fork experiences for Gloucester kids. 

See us grow from 2010-2018!

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Our Mission

Backyard Growers is a grassroots organization helping to reshape Gloucester's relationship with food. We provide resources and support to establish vegetable gardens at homes, housing communities, organizations, and schools. In the end we create life-long gardeners inspired by the power of growing one's own food. 


Backyard Growers began in 2010 as a program of the Cape Ann Farmers’ Market as part of their strategic approach to connect residents with healthy food. With support from The Food Project, we provided backyard gardens to families in downtown neighbors. Our program quickly grew to include new backyard gardens every year, community gardens, and school gardens, and in 2013 we separated from the farmers' market to become our own organization. 

Our Impact by the Numbers


  • Since 2010, we have built gardens for and trained 142 families in Gloucester. That's over 300 adults and 165 children!
  • We serve 100% low- to moderate-income families
  • 80% of our service sites are located in poverty or food dessert census tracts.


  • Over 300 individuals a year engage with our community gardens and garden programming
  • 87 garden beds, located at 8 sites
  • 42 family garden plots
  • 18 community garden and food workshops Jan-Dec


  • We serve the entire Gloucester School District, with a focus on preK-6th grade.
  • 1,700 students served each year through our school garden-to-cafeteria events.
  • Recently constructed new gardens for O'Maley and West Parish Schools and the Gloucester Preschool.
  • 80 garden beds district-wide.

Data reports


2016 All Program Report

Now we have a vegetable with dinner every night. Whether it’s from our garden or not.
— a Backyard Grower remarking on how having a backyard garden has changed her family's eating habits.